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1978 Porsche 911 Turbo

An early 3.3 Turbo supplied new in late 1977 to a Special Order specification. As noted in the Porsche Certificate of Authenticity, this Turbo was finished in ‘Special Wish’ Rolls Royce Dark Laurel Green Metallic with white leather, green carpets and Turbo script. At this time Porsche had not established their ‘Special Wishes’ Exclusive production facility and so only a few cars were supplied in this period to such an individual specification, especially in UK RHD form. This unique example looks fantastic and was clearly well worth the effort and cost of persuading Porsche to make it. Additional options specified included air conditioning, sports seats, electric sunroof and Porsche Stereo ? all of which the car retains today.

The original owner of the car was a Mrs Sandra Billington of Warwickshire, although ordered from Porsche GB, the Turbo was supplied by Porsche agent Charles Follett of Mayfair, London (indeed their original dealer sticker remains in the rear window). The original service book on file confirms delivery on the 6th March 1978. The Billingtons retained the Turbo until 1986 but used it very sparingly, indeed it covered only 5,500 miles during their tenure.

In 1986 the car was bought by a Mr Franses and registered to his company, Messrs S Franses Ltd of Jermyn Street, London. The Franses family clearly had some affection for the Turbo as it remained in the family until 2014. The family used the car sparingly, the mileage rising to just 26,000 miles in 2014. They clearly looked after it carefully as indicated in correspondence and maintenance invoicing on file, along with MOT certificates detailing the incremental rise in mileage.

Following purchase in 2014, a new owner sent the car to recognised Porsche specialists, Autofarm, in Oxfordshire, for a full evaluation. The full report is on file and they obviously liked the car, comments included “she's a lovely car, a real treat to find one in such a rare spec and in such an unmolested condition and having so much correct". Being such an early 3.3 model they found many details shared with the earlier 3.0 Turbo, again these are detailed in correspondence.

An Autofarm customer spotted the Turbo during its inspection whilst visiting to see the progress of his own 911 restoration. ?He fell in love with the Turbo and after much effort managed to persuade the owner to sell him the car.

A perfectionist, he instructed Autofarm to overhaul the car without regard to cost, whilst retaining as much originality as possible. Every aspect of the car was minutely examined as detailed in correspondence and invoicing on file with all parts being fully refurbished or replaced only when absolutely necessary. A bare metal repaint was carried out which indicated how good and original the original body was, the original Turbo decals were expertly re-made at some cost. The interior is original ? it required just careful cleaning and re-colouring in part. In all, ?100,000 was spent, and the result can only be described as a triumph. Balancing the originality versus restoration in a car’s re-commission is extremely difficult, however Autofarm achieved this perfectly. The car is in fantastic condition in all respects and yet one can see and sense the originality, for example the interior is wonderful as is the perfect original factory finish in the luggage compartment. A letter on file from Autofarm sums it up ? "It has been our privilege to carry out work on this unique Porsche, although essentially little more than re-commissioning work after a long period of storage".

The Turbo has been little used since the work and driven only on dry summer days hence the mileage has risen to just 27,200 miles from new. At all other times it has been stored in a heated building purpose built for the owner’s immaculate collection. The car has returned to Autofarm for servicing and minor fault fixing. Needless to say this really fabulous car remains in great order throughout and it comes with all keys, tools, original service and handbook and the extensive history file referred to above.