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From a Private Collection — 1998 Ferrari 550 Maranello

This must be one of the finest examples of the 550 M model in existence. A UK supplied RHD example, it has covered just 7,000 miles from new in the hands of two owners and is completely original and virtually as new. It has never been painted, indeed the car has a freshness that is never found in a 550 anymore. All the weak areas of a 550 such as dashboard leather movement and front bonnet lip corrosion and so on are perfect.

The 550 was supplied when new by Maranello Sales Ltd to Mr David Bennett, based in Wales. A car enthusiast with a collection of some note, Mr Bennett showed an early interest in the then new 550 model, as indicated by pre-sale correspondence on file and indeed a perfect copy of the original sales brochure for the 550. Letters and invoices show that Mr Bennett paid a ?2,000 deposit for an order in November 1996 but was not supplied with his car until April 1998, such was demand for the model. Indeed, the price rose twice in the intervening period. Mr Bennett ordered the 550 in traditional Rosso Corsa with tan leather interior, options specified included full luggage, electric seats, Sony stereo system and a Koenig six pipe sports exhaust system. The car remains faithful to this specification and an appropriate number plate 55O L remains in place.

Mr Bennett retained the 550 until last year using it only in fine dry conditions whilst maintaining it correctly as indicated by the original stamped service book and detailed by all invoices on file. Indeed, every piece of paper from original sales brochure to date accompany the car. When not on the road the 550 was stored in one of the finest bespoke buildings I have seen along with the other cars in the collection. I first set eyes upon the 550 in 2011 at which point I was there to view a Porsche 911RS Lightweight which we subsequently sold. However, it took a few years to get our hands on this car.

In 2015 we purchased the 550 and sent it to local Ferrari dealer Dick Lovett in Swindon for a full inspection and service. Any item found wanting was dealt with and thus the car emerged with a completely clean bill of health. Invoices on file amounting to ?7,300 detail the work completed.

We sold the 550 immediately without promotion to a great enthusiast who had indicated his desire for just such a perfect car when purchasing the Porsche 911 Turbo LE 350 for his collection.

Following this purchase, the car has seen minimal use, just 550 miles on dry summer roads. The car returned to Dick Lovett for a service in June 2016 and it will be serviced again by them prior to supply to a new owner.

A very lovely pure 550 Maranello that looks and drives like new. As noted above it comes with an extensive history file from before new to date and has all original books in the correct wallet, keys, and tools.